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UK politics, all so wrong it’s hard to know where to start

So there it is, in black and white. Вперед, к Cуверенитету comrades! Onwards, to sovereignty! Today’s FT long read (€) on how the Brexit Deal was struck and what happens next is a remarkable piece of work, drawing together a series of disparate parts of the past 12 months of the […]

German Politics

Armin Laschet, holding up a mirror to the CDU

Early Saturday morning, 16th January 2021. Across Germany 1001 people look into their bathroom mirrors, wipe their eyes. And Armin Laschet stares back. And then, suitably refreshed, they each settle down in front of their laptops, and vote for Laschet as the new party leader of the CDU. Or, to […]


The No Deal Brexit Terminology

OK, I might be jumping the gun – there may yet be a Deal between Britain and the EU – but as a result of this discussion with Catherine De Vries, it’s important to grasp the nettle – what terminology do we use for what comes in Brexit after 1st […]